Friday, July 26, 2013

Make a Post on Twitter and Thanks To The Advances, Also Post In Multiple Social Networks Simultaneously.

When Myspace began it was the best site for social networking, then Facebook came soon after, Twitter.. I'm not sure but, Twitter's been hot since it came out lol.  Now you can link them, advances keep coming and they're not gonna stop, unlimited possibilities in social networking are at our fingertips and cannot forget about LinkedIn, yet another solid professional network platform for multiple use depending on user demand.  So far from what I can gather you can link LinkedIn to Twitter, I'm not sure if the rest can be linked with LinkedIn.  One thing that saves time for anyone wanting the same post on multiple networks is when linked, you have the option to post in multiple networks at the click of a button, write one post in Facebook and you can have it appear in other social networks you are registered to simultaneously making it very simple for anyone even if computer knowledge is minimal.  This leaves me and the rest of us to witness the awesome limitlessness power of social networking, possibilities are unlimited.  I can only imagine where social networking will be in the next 5 years, whatever direction it might take, I think will be good, since so far it's only been a very nice benefit to have.  These networks are a powerful tool when you need your voice or opinion to be heard, passing out fliers is not a thing of the past but for anyone who doesn't have time for it, posting multiple posts in seconds helps out a great deal.

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